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About Us

Gangaajal Soaps are formulated with oils, butter, essential oils of herbs, flowers and Gangajal. These soaps are handmade, hand cut and hand packed, not by a machine. Our Soap making process is a centuries old method (Excavations and findings suggest first soap with this method was made as early as in 2800 B.C.). Gangaajal soaps are environment friendly as the soap enzymes are biodegradable, packaging is 99 % plastic free and the Soap making
process is a clean cold method of handcrafting the soap. Soap Batter is made at less than 37℃ while temperature in summers rises to 50℃. This is simply to ensure nutrients of oils and herbs are not lost because of heating of oils and herbs at high temperature. Gangaa Jal soaps take two months of time to come to market because there is no chemical used to harden the soap fast. They are naturally dried for a minimum of 6 weeks to evaporate water and become hard therefore our soap making process is time consuming and Labor intensive thus Creates Employment.

Gangaa Jal Vision

Our commitment is to provide our customer naturally derived pure, safe, effective skin and hair cleansing soap free from Chemicals.

We believe and want our customer to know what they are applying to their skin. Therefore we list every ingredient in common names for their better understanding.

GangaaJal soaps are GMP Certified and strongly believes to protect both the environment and consumers.

Gangaa Jal Soaps are Marketed By Specialty Services

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