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Shower In Gangaajal – As Your Skin Deserves Nothing But The Best

Bask your skin in the supple nourishment of nature with the organically curated Gangaajal Soaps. Our hand-crafted soaps are manually cut and packed with essential oils, cold pressed oils, flowers and herbs to keep your sensory nerves entangled in its scintillating aroma as you radiate that youthful glow. Gangaajal which has also been accredited for its self-purification properties serves as a major constituent of our soaps. With no added preservatives and chemicals, our soaps can usher in happy times for your skin from the very first usage. Out soap making process is inspired by the ancient techniques of stringent beauty standards where people were provided with nothing but the best. The environment friendly soaps manufactured by us consist of natural glycerine and biodegradable soap enzymes which leaves next to zero environmental footprint. With no chemical used to accelerate the soap making process, our products require about two months for coming into usable form. 6 weeks of time is taken by the evaporation process to complete naturally before the soap hardens. All our soaps are manufactured at a temperature less than 37℃   to ensure that the nutrients present in herbs and oils do not lose out on its operational efficiency. This is a big reason why we advise to store our soaps in cool and dry environments when not in use as summer temperature in India is infamous for touching 50℃.This labour intensive and time consuming soap manufacturing process have also opened new employment avenues for the Indian youth. So, say not to artificial scents and colours and walk in the loving arms of Mother Nature with Gangaajal soaps which detoxifies your skin and brings out that hidden allure.


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